Elder Estate Planning

As people age, their estate planning needs can change.  For instance, they may need assistance with managing their legal and financial affairs, as well as their medical care and decisions.  A properly crafted estate planning can help ensure the seamless transition of authority from the elderly individual to their desired decision makers.  

Many elders’ estate planning needs also change over time, because they require assistance from government programs.  For example, some elders need Medi-Cal benefits, which are only available to individuals who satisfy certain income and asset requirements.  In many cases, estate planning can help elders become eligible for government benefits, including Medi-Cal assistance.  It can further help limit the government’s ability to pursue reimbursement for services it has provided on behalf of the elder from the elder’s estate.


LGBTQ Elders

The LGBTQ aging population is subject to an additional subset of risks and concerns.  Many LGBTQ elders will hide their LGBTQ status for fear of real or perceived discrimination from family members, physicians, caregivers, and/or retirement home staff.  Others are actually abused by such individuals due to their LGBTQ status.  We understand and are sensitive to the needs and concerns specific to the LGBTQ elderly population.  

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